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The photo essay portrays the vicissitudes of the El Gancho Senegal football team, a club playing in the Aragonese regional divisions and comprised entirely of young Senegalese immigrants. The team, created by Paco Ezquerra after proposing it to Senegalese boys playing in various parts of the city of Zaragoza, has become a symbol for the city’s Senegalese youth, despite the difficulties that they are encountering in a distant place from home. It is consolidating itself as one of the city’s more recognisable clubs after participating for six consecutive seasons.

The photographic work, which forms part of a wider project on the role of sport as a tool for social integration in Aragón, follows the development of this unique football team: the matches, the relationships between themselves and with the people running the club, their travels, the football grounds that they visit, and their love for football are all aspects depicted in a project that aims to reflect the current realities of Aragón’s social fabric and revindicate sport as a tool of intercultural understanding and a true reflection of our society.

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