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Saffron production was once a major industry in the province of Teruel. After decades of chronic depopulation, the cultivation virtually stopped and the times of splendour were forgotten by families and villages. But after years of neglect, not all is lost. Shrouded in an aura of mystery, this delicate flower is enjoying a comeback thanks to the efforts of three young men. Daniel, Quico and Raúl have set up a project to revive traditional saffron harvesting in rural Aragón in an attempt to slowly bring this heritage activity back to life.

The short film describes their personal aspiration to reminisce an abandoned practice by retrieving the tools and learning the tasks of yesteryear, and of their endeavour to rediscover the memories of the people for whom saffron constituted a way of life. The documentary illustrates the historical importance of saffron in the region, portrays the daily harvesting processes carried out by the three friends at Azafrán La Cerrada and tells of their efforts and hopes of earning a living through a unique practice whilst honouring the product, the landscape and its culture.


*Music by Los Bengala

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