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    National Geographic

Salt was once a powerful industry in the island of Lanzarote. Its taxes, economy and monopolies shaped the island and its locals for decades, before fishing quotas, ice, refrigerators and imported salt damaged the sector almost irreparably.

But despite the decline, there is still a place in Lanzarote which manages to survive.

The Janubio saltworks are a unique cultural landscape.

Here, in this nature protected area, salt has been harvested artisanally for over a century, and continues to do so in the face of adversities. It represents an example of human intervention positively defining its surrounding environment through a very localised way of living, now endangered.

With the account of Modesto Perdomo, third generation master salt maker and foreman of Janubio, a man who has dedicated his life to the art of salt production, the short film provides an insight into the traditional harvesting of salt, the beautiful and surreal landscape of the salt pools, and the efforts to keep a heritage activity alive.


*Music by Andy Carter: Volt Heist

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