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rally /ˈrælɪ/

vb ( -lies, -lying, -lied)
-to organize (supporters, etc) for a common cause or (of such people) to come together for a purpose
-to summon up (one’s strength, spirits, etc) or (of a person’s health, strength, or spirits) to revive or recover
-to engage in a rally

n ( pl -lies)
-a large gathering of people for a common purpose
-a marked recovery of strength or spirits
-an exchange of several shots before one player wins the point

Outdoor table tennis is rapidly growing in popularity in London. The game is bringing people together who would otherwise never meet. Informal and spontaneous, urban table tennis is adapting itself to London and its urban environment, spreading throughout the city and getting people out in the process.

Livingstone Thomas, table tennis coach, community sports volunteer and founder of the London Fields Table Tennis Association invites us to try the sport out and meet other ralliers, enjoy its inclusive nature and witness its increasing social role in the city’s public spaces.

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