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“Sketching has a sense of urgency that I love, the energy, the life that can come out of a sketch amazes me. It’s about spontaneity, enthusiasm, confidence. It’s giving the feeling of a place, the illusion that every element is here.”

Stéphane Kardos loves sketching around L.A. He is fascinated by the urban landscape that the city has to offer. The abstract pattern of its electric poles and wires, the road signs and vehicles, the people, the Southern Californian light and colours…. The uniqueness of the city is of constant inspiration to him.

As a sketch artist, Stéphane wants his drawings to capture the essence of the subjects – the loose lines and the casual, quick approach add to creating life in the drawing. He wants to provide a feeling of the location by intentionally not giving all the details away, yet everything is there… Sketching makes him feel at home, and his work radiates the pleasure he obtains from going out and drawing all those scenes that inspire him.

Stéphane shares his amazing talent as he takes us on a personal visual tour of the districts of Silver Lake and Los Feliz.

*Music by Volt Heist

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