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Despite an almost unanimous agreement that transhumance has contributed greatly to biodiversity, the conservation of species and the survival of rural communities, little is being done at government level to save this tradition. Even though individual and collective efforts are being made to salvage transhumance, it will not be long before this form of pastoralism, as we know it, becomes a thing of the past and disappears for good. The photo essay intends to pay tribute to a millennial tradition that, far from being practised in distant places, has managed to survive close to our homes.

The photo essay tells the story of a five­day transhumance journey accompanying shepherds, stockmen and cattle from the mountains in Teruel, Aragón, to the lowlands in Catalonia, in search of better climate and pastures. The story draws the viewer’s attention to a once widely practiced pastoral method throughout the world, now an endangered tradition fighting for its place in today’s society.

The story depicts this peculiar lifestyle and its relationship with the surrounding environment, depicting the co­existence between livestock, herdsmen and nature. This tradition, which although is present on our doorstep, is unknown to many, calls for a deeper understanding of, and relationship with, the world, showing that other people’s life priorities lie elsewhere.

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